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    Twin City Equipment Sales, also known as Twin City Landscaping, has been doing business in the Festus/Crystal City area for over 60 years. The company was founded by Cleatus Aaron Wills, better known as "Shorty" to his friends and family. Shorty  was born on April 17, 1922 and died on September 2, 2001. During his 79 years, Shorty  lived an interesting life.  He was a drill sergeant and served in World War II. However, that's about all you could get out of him.  He was never one to talk about himself, always more interested in what others were doing. When Shorty  retired, his younger brother J.C., who had been working with him side by side for years, bought his half of the company. After Shorty retired he still came to the office everyday to make sure things were running smoothly. During J.C.'s ownership of Twin City Landscaping, one of the bigger projects the company undertook was doing environmental work for a local lead smelting plant, removing lead contaminated soil from the yards of the citizens in the town. 


    When J.C. decided to slow down and find some less stressful work he could do, he turned his interest to heavy equipment.  He began buying a few dump trucks, tractors, and miscellaneous pieces of equipment to sell, and eventually formed Twin City Equipment Sales. Though he takes a beating on the price every once in a while, he enjoys what he does and still has plenty of time to play.  Though all of J.C.'s five sons have worked for him at some point, only one of them still works for him today.   Scoey handles the equipment sales and the landscaping.  

    We have a lot of good times here and we invite you to come see us.  Also we hope to be doing business here a long time and look forward to doing business with you.  And don't forget to visit the just for fun page.

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